Requests for COVID-19 Supplies to Go Through Facilitators

For requests of COVID-19 supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), departments have identified “facilitators” to place and receive orders. For a list of department facilitators, please visit the COVID-19 Response website and scroll to the “Requests for COVID-19 Supplies, PPE” tab. Only facilitators will be allowed to place and receive orders. Please contact your department facilitator if you wish to request COVID-19 supplies or PPE.  If your department does not have a facilitator, or if you have any questions, please contact

When hand sanitizer dispensers and disinfecting wipe buckets are empty, in Omaha please contact Facilities Management at (402) 280-2780 to request a refill. On the Phoenix campus, call (602) 812-4311 to request a refill. Please do not dispose of these containers as they are refillable.

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