Libraries Collections: Submit your Feedback by Jan. 14

The University Libraries provides faculty and staff with an opportunity to engage in annual collections decisions on the FY23 University Libraries Collections website.

The Libraries conducts an annual usage analysis of all electronic databases, journal packages, e-book platforms, point-of-care tools and other subscription resources to determine which resources may be underutilized and candidates for discontinuation. This information is shared on the website with a feedback form, soliciting input from faculty and staff who may have justification for retaining these resources. This process is also used to solicit recommendations for new subscription resources necessary to support the University’s programs.

Recommendations for purchase can be submitted using the website. Provide as much justification for the resource as possible, as the Libraries must advocate for funds to support new purchases.

While adding new subscription resources requires allocating funds prior to the fiscal year, please be aware that one-time purchases of books and other resources can be made at any time using the recommend an item purchase form on our website.

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